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I am Nirasha Ramlugan

*Rapid Transformational & Clinical Hypnotherapist *Mental & Emotional healing
*Physical Healing
*Quantum Integrative & Natural Medicine
*Reiki Master
*Author & Public Speaker

Are you feeling stuck and struggling to find your happiness? Is your stress and anxiety surfacing in your body as an illness, pain or imbalance? I help you to reconnect with your Inner-self using concepts of Quantum Integrative medicines and other modalities. Now is the time to find your life's purpose, heal and be happy.


• REWIRE mind-sets
• INSPIRE transformation
• SUSTAIN core values & beliefs
• EMPOWER & build communities


To inspire, empower & cultivate a life of self- mastery and success in young people and adults, globally.


To create universal happiness through platforms that changes limiting beliefs, restores confidence & instils self-love.



I can help you in this particular areas.

1-1 Therapy


Realising & recognising the problem is the first step. Together we can go to the root cause and make long lasting changes.

So whether you have an illness that has germinated from an unhealthy mind-set, or career issues that stems from lack of self -belief or you just can’t find that happiness spark, then I will give you the tools to be a problem solver in life rather than a problem maker

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Group Therapy/ Coaching


I always believe that no man is an island and we are human beings that connect at an energy level.

When we work with like-minded people, we accelerate our healing journeys. I love working in small groups with specific mind-set or business issues, whether online or face to face. We are able to ask questions and share solutions that are relevant to our healing.

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Executive Therapy & Coaching


Sir Richard Branson states that the most important asset of any company is its STAFF.

If you are a leader and or director in your company and want to use new and innovative ways to stimulate the ethos in your company, then start with you. Who you are as a leader ripples out into the company. If the performance indicators in your company are plateauing or on a rapid downward trend, then give us a call to see what we can do for you.

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Hello, nice to meet you!

Being happy is a CHOICE.

Welcome! If you are here surfing my website, it could either be out of curiosity or it may be that you want to stop the rut that you are in and just simply yearning for change.  You owe it to yourself, to put YOU first.

I love what I do and I am so passionate in spreading the message of quantum, science, integrative and natural medicine and healing. Though the use of technology (bio-feedback & neuro-feedback) and various other tools, I help my clients to connect with healing brain wave frequencies, bring about  heart-brain coherence so that they become their own healers. I also use my own  methods of Hypno-Qi™ to find your life’s purpose so that you can life a life of abundance in health, happiness and financial contentment.  

You don’t have to be in therapy for years, You can now use rapid methods of healing but most importantly understand how you and your body connect to function. You can now be free of old ways of thinking to enhance and embrace your life so that you achieve Success. I will teach you tools for life that would allow you to easily switch from  STRESS MODE of the sympathetic nervous system to RELAXATION & CALMNESS stimulated by the para-sympathetic nervous system of your body.

It is life changing. You can get rid of the S.A.D  (Stress, Anxiety & Depression) thug by bring about harmony in your mind and body.   

With 14 years’ experience and expertise, Just Simply Change Ltd. can help you See the Evolution and Be the Revolution.

With love

Nirasha Ramlugan
The Smiling Guru

Years of
Client Love

Results I have helped create

Hear what my clients say about me.
“Before seeking help from Nirasha, I suffered from severe Emotional STRESS. I had a lot going on-family break up, divorce, money problems, debt, selling the family home. Having to bring up 3 children on my own. No support from family. I was a 2/10. I found it extremely useful being able to open up and talk about what had been happening. Looking at my past and dealing with issues were key in my healing. I’m a private person and took a lot for me to ask for help. But when I decided to get help I said I would be honest. I feel relieved that I was able to open up and talk about what I have been through. I feel that the past can’t hold me back now. The audio was good listening every night. I also loved doing my Vision board, I feel a 9/10 because I was open to my feelings in our therapy, and I completed the tasks that were set. Thank you Nirasha!”
–AK (UK)
Anxiety & Depression
“I was suffering with some sort of anxiety, specifically at school. Nirasha helped me remove it. I found it really easy and useful to talk to her. She gave me very practical methods to use to get rid of the anxiety. I felt anxious before and I was a 2 out of 10 in the way I felt. But now I feel much calmer and relaxed. and I am definitely 8/9 out of 10. The cutting ties exercise, and blowing away the anxious feeling from inside and the letter burning tools were very good. She also gave me tasks to do to change my way of living e.g. exercising more, doing chores at home and listening to the audio she made for me. I would definitely recommend Nirasha's service, especially for teenagers around my age.”
– SE (Milton Keynes)
Pregnancy & Birthing
"Before meeting Nirasha we had been trying for a baby for about 3 years. We had issues and delays with the NHS which was highly frustrating. Having regular RTT sessions with Nirasha changed our mindset and attitude towards getting pregnant and having a baby. We used her tailored hypnosis daily which helped us focus on visualising what we wanted, which before the therapy we found difficult to do. In addition to this, simple yet effective breathing and visualisation strategies were tools that eventually helped us to fall pregnant! Throughout our entire pregnancy, Nirasha checked up on our progress and advised us where possible. We even carried on with hypnosis and meditation too to help prepare for the birth. I would highly recommend Nirasha. She is experienced, fun to work with and helps you to reach your goals, whatever they may be in life!"
- Anita B. (UK)
“I have been a smoker for 14 years. I tried a few times to give it up but then I started putting on weight and found it really hard. I then always went back to it. I went to Nirasha 5 months ago and I have never touched a cigarette since. I can’t believe that in 90 mins I went to the reason why I smoke and the hypnosis recording was just the best. I cannot stand the smell anymore. My body feels healthy. My home feels cleaner and also I didn’t latch onto sweets and chocolates. I am saving more than £145 a month. Thank you Nirasha. You have added quality to my life.”
.”- Anand (India)
Infertility & Conception
I still can’t believe it. After trying and trying and being disappointed for more than 8 years. I never thought I’d ever be a mum. I’m truly, truly grateful to you for my therapy and that audio you gave me. I am taking good care of myself and Ruben is so excited. Don’t know the sex of the baby as yet. Might just find out at my next scan. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you. Can’t believe how you got me pregnant just through RTT. Love you too much.
–Mel (UK)
"Great News Nirasha! My Oncologist just called to say I was in complete remission. We meeting with him to determine the next phase or need for treatment. I have no doubt that your love, support and hypnosis helped me through this part of the process. I am so grateful to you.”
–SM (Florida)
Infertility To Conception
My partner and I were trying to start a family for 5 1/2 years .It was just not happening. I have a problem with PCOS since my teens and my partner had abnormal shaped sperms. So becoming pregnant seemed impossible. It knocked our confidence seeing all our friends starting their families. Although we were very happy for them, we also were sad for us. Nirasha worked with both my partner and I. We both had our own problems that were affecting our bodies. The RTT session was incredible. She gave us audios to listen to, which was calming but powerful. We listened to it for 4 months, together with tweaking the foods we ate. She also included daily acupressure massages on my hands. We found the letter burning and slashing emotional ties to our younger self an emotional release. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and we are so happy. We still can't believe it. We feel blessed and grateful to Nirasha for her expertise and therapy.
-Nakhita & Ray (London)
ANXIETY...After just the first session
I just wanted to provide some feedback following our session on Monday and listening to the audio. I am still feeling like the queen of the universe. I am happy, laughing and able to do everything I wanted to do without feeling nervous, stressed or anxious. I do have the creepy feeling for a minute or so until I "pick" it out of me. It's working and I can't thank you enough. My day of self loving has come and will be here to stay. I'm feeling so confident and at ease, peace and positive. Thank you for helping me heal. 🤗😍🥰😘
Anxiety in Teenage Boys
called Nirasha because my 15yr old son was struggling with anxiety for the last 2 years. As parents, we felt helpless. He hated going to school, he couldn't sleep more than 2 to 3 hrs and whenever he ate, his stomach would pain and he would force himself to throw up. After the first 2 hr session, Nirasha was able to go to the root cause, which was friendship issues. He also lacked confidence and hated being around people. He loved working with her and she was able to give him tools to quickly remove that anxious feelings from within so that they didn't take over.Nirasha's professional but also loving approach made him well again. It is now 6o days after his therapy and he is doing brilliantly. He uses the tools daily, started exercising, meditating and quite focussed on his online learning without any anxious feelings. He has also been able to connect with some of his old friends and he is 100% happier. I totally recommend calling Nirasha, because she changed my boy's life.
Jason P. (London)
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