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Hello I’m Nirasha

Being happy is a CHOICE. Being successful is a DECISION. Self- love is a RIGHT.

Stress, Anxiety & Depression which I refer to as the S.A.D thug can stop you from living a life you deserve. We simulate our outward experiences, inward. These experiences are our limiting beliefs that build boundaries around us. Sometimes it becomes our comfort zones that slowly starts to destroy us.

I felt that way about 2006.  Moving from South Africa, the country I was born in, to the UK, came with a lot of emotional baggage. Missing family, wishing for the warm sunshine and being in a new country was slowly descending me on my spiral of life. I was so stressed and was slipping into depression. I had to stop and remind myself that these feelings were only temporary. I had to stand up, stand tall and empower myself. I realized my self-worth and inner strength which was the pivoting point in my life.

JSC Therapy & Coaching Toolbox

Just Simply Change is a therapy and coaching practice that designs bespoke therapy to suit each client and their individual needs. I use a combination of different methods to streamline your healing so that it is rapid, effective and permanent.
1:1 NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming, founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder is all about using language to change behaviour. By changing your language, you give yourself, permission to remove limiting beliefs and instil confidence. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy

We use intense visualisation to induce a heightened awareness state which we refer to as a trance. Using hypnosis allows us to go deep within in a healing awareness. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT is a new method founded by the beautiful Marisa Peer. It combines elements from NLP, Hypnotherapy and CBT. It’s like therapy on steroids. 


Emotional Freedom techniques developed by Gary Craig is also known as tapping. We can awaken our Meriden subtle energy points in our body so that we can get rid of string emotional and mental feelings.

It kick-started me to rise above whatever I was feeling which led me to HEAL. I became more productive & creative as a teacher,  mum to Sahana & Ash and a more understanding wife to Anesh. This was the day I started investing in myself to be the expert I am today.

My journey started here… and my company, Just Simply Change Ltd- Rapid Mind-set Transformational Therapy took birth.

In my company, we are trained to listen and interact in a way that helps you to believe in yourself and achieve positive change. Being in Education and Training for many years, I used my passion to learn about human behaviour in both adults and children. The way we think, affects our actions. Marisa Peer, RTT founder, explains that ‘Behind every habit of action there is a habit if thought. If you want to change the habit, you have to first change the thought.’ I believe that this is the stepping stone to a life of success.

The dialogue we have with our self every day sets us up for failure or success. One of the rules of the mind is, “It does what it thinks is you want it to do” (Marisa Peer). So the key in healing is to appreciate who you are.  Start with being gentle on yourself with your thoughts, words and behaviours.

Loving yourself is the first gift.

It will empower you to embrace who you truly are.

It will inspire you to be your best.

It will guide you to your happiness ,

My Qualifications & Toolbox


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