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Dive Deeper Inner 60-day Success

Bespoke personalised Therapy and Coaching

If you feel you need a little more TLC, and coaching through your healing, then call me for a 20 min discovery call so that I can explain to you how I could help you free yourself from whatever is holding you back.

Other well-being issues might include:

  • Illness eg, cancer, Parkinson, MS, dementia, skin conditions,
  • Hypno-birthing, Post Natal care
  • Aggression, anger, focus, mild self-harm, confidence, low self-esteem, social relationship issues for Teens & Young adults. 
  • Gut heath, Scoliosis, Bipolar disorders
  • Pain Management
  • Problems that children and teens go through that affect them and their view of their life eg. Relationships, bullying, school issues, family issues
  • Relationship Problems: divorce, communication, infidelity etc
  • Performance anxiety in sport, stage and career.

If you are struggling with childhood traumas, abuse, OCD, relationship issues, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, weight management, low-confidence and self-worth etc.                               

The Dive Deeper Inner 60-day Success includes:

  • A 20 min Discovery call- Intro & Therapy Profile
  • A 2 hr, Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT) using Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic & Programming (NLP) -Face to Face or Zoom Video Call
  • A Rewiring Transformation Audio to embed and re-programme the mind
  • Weekly mentoring via email/ WhatsApp for 60 days
  • A 3x 1hr Behaviour Cognition session
  • a follow up/check- in weekly email/ text each week
  • A 15- minute video call to reflect and feedback your 60- day transformation journey.   

Advice from your medical practitioner takes precedent over any treatment we offer, so please consult your physician if unsure. 


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