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I love my life as a therapist and a mentor. I know the value of having one when I was starting my business over a decade ago. When you have the right tools to join the dots in your life, then you can achieve your goals, have direction and achieve your success. 

I focus on Removing the S.A.D thug- Stress, Anxiety and Depression. I call it a thug because it robs us of our dreams and steals our happiness from deep within our unconscious minds.

S.A.D is unforgiving and responsible for most of our problems in life. The effects of stress on our mind, body and soul stops us from achieving. It holds us back.

So whether you have an illness that has germinated from an unhealthy mindset, or career issues that stems from lack of self -belief or you just can’t find that happiness spark, then working with me will allow you to be a problem solver rather than a problem maker.

These are some of my packages:

Rise and Shine 30- Day

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R.I.S.E & Shine  30- day Toolkit to master and reset your mind-set. Great for quitting smoking, improving your confidence, enhancing communication with others etc.

£595 ($776)

Dive Deeper Inner 60-day

If you struggle with deep seeded childhood traumas, abuse, OCD,  relationship issues, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, illnesses in the mind & body, imposter syndrome, weight management, low confidence, self love, and self belief, performance anxiety on stage and in sport etc.

£895 ($1168)

Rewire & Reconnect 90-day

Drug addictions, Eating disorders, Grief, Fertility challenges, narcissistic relationships, severe chronic illness, autoimmune diseases and certain PTSD may need a little more time to peel away  the years of pain to find your freedom. 

£1225 ($1587)

The Mindset Hurdle Compass

Being an Entrepreneur or a business owner can be a challenging journey. When you have the skillset but your mindset is letting you down, then you need to free yourself from the negative chatter in your mind and the limiting beliefs, seeded in your childood.  If you suffer with visibility fears, imposter syndome, money blocks, direction, focus and accountability, then this is a brilliant toolkit for you. 

£1699 ($2230)

Corporate Therapy & Coaching

Sir Richard Branson states that the most important asset of any company is its STAFF. The wellbeing of the people behind your company should be paramount. When your staff is happy, then your company soar with productivity.