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Simple Steps to working with me = Success

You make the choice to Heal Yourself, then others.
You journey up and down on your spiral of life, daily. At times when you are on a downward fall, you don’t have the right tools to get yourself back up, rapidly. This affects your company, career or personal life The choice to believe that ‘We are ENOUGH’ to get back up to the top is OURS. We are passionate in walking side by side with YOU on your journey to healing. We love working with corporate leaders so that we can help then drive their turn-overs around.
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Whatever might be holding you back, stopping you from being happy and successful, can be removed. Whether it is a lack of self- love or self-worth? It might me self-doubt and lack of confidence in yourself. Or it could be that you need clarity in your goals and vision so that you can achieve your true potential. You could see a decline in productivity levels or an incline in absenteeism in your company, you need to go to the root cause of the issues. Sometimes as leaders you might need to revolutionize your communication skills, and modify your feelings and behaviours towards your staff. I work face-face or through virtual zoom sessions with clients, globally. If you are unsure, book your 20 min discovery call now, by clicking the Calendar.
Make it
Commitment leads to Action
The choice you are making, is the first step in self-love. There is no in-between. You are either IN or OUT. Using the tools and the programme as I suggest will open up that cage that stopped you from flying. An affirmation to be committed will seize the moment and alter your destiny.
Make it
You Make it
Happy to meet the new YOU!
Information leads to transformation. You now have opened your cage and stepped out into the big wide world with the ammunition of self-love and self- worth. Your confidence is stronger than ever and the world awaits to meet the new you. You are the face to your life, your business or your career. Love who you are and whom you have become after healing. With a clear vision and the right tools, you are at the top of your game. You will be empowered with tools for Life!
You Make it

1 To 1 & Group Therapy/Coaching Programmes

Healing is a very personal journey. After our discovery call, I put together bespoke therapy designed for you to let go of your emotional baggage to being liberated. It all starts with finding your purpose,  having a clear vision on how you can connect within. The only way to solve your problems and go to the root cause is to consciously dive into the unconscious.  I work with clients  locally and worldwide through face to face or online therapy & coaching.

I have 5 programmes thats designed to give you time to heal at a pace you choose. These programmes are affordable and payment plans are also available. 

Some clients might request a once- off consultation or  weekly therapy to accelerate their  healing, I accomodate and plan my therapy sessions accordingly.  

Advice from your medical practitioner takes precedent over any treatment we offer, so please consult your physician if unsure.

Choose from theses 5 programmes: 

Elevate 30-day Success

Elevate 30-day Success to master and reset your mind-set. It is perfect for quitting smoking, improving your confidence, enhancing communication with others, stage fears, phobias etc. Recreate & empower Yourself to find yourself again. A new mind-set for a new decade. You will see an instant change.

Dive Deeper Inner 60-day Success

If you struggle with deep seeded childhood traumas, abuse, OCD, relationship issues, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, illnesses in the mind & body, imposter syndrome, weight management, low confidence, self-love, and self-belief, performance anxiety on stage.

Rewire & Reconnect 90-day Success

This programme is highly successful for drug addictions, eating disorders, grief, fertility challenges, narcissistic relationships, severe chronic illness, autoimmune diseases and PTSD. It is designed to help give you time to peel away the years of pain to find your freedom.

The Mind-set Hurdle Compass

Being an Entrepreneur or a business owner can be a challenging journey. When you have the skillset but your mind-set is letting you down, then you need to free yourself from the negative chatter in your mind and the limiting beliefs, seeded in your childhood.

Corporate Therapy & Coaching

Sir Richard Branson states that the most important asset of any company is its STAFF. The wellbeing of the people behind your company should be paramount. When your staff is happy, then your company soar with productivity and success.


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