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The Mind-set Hurdle Compass

The 5 month 1-1 Therapy, Group Coaching and Online self-study Toolkit
for Entrepreneurs, business owners to start up or scale up their business

Have you ever looked back at your childhood and realised that the person  you are today, germinated then?


My success as an entrepreneur and a successful businesswoman runs in my veins and it is coded in me from my upbringing. As a little girl, I used to see my mum, the most loving and efficient stay-at-home mum, creatively sell various products so that she could supplement my dad’s income. She started to think out of the box because life wasn’t easy. My dad worked really hard to make -ends- meet. I remember so vividly, my mum stitching dresses and school uniforms for her customers in the neighbourhood.

Simultaneously, she would also be selling AMC cookware pots, while knitting jerseys. Every few months she would come up with new ideas to materialise her passion into profit. This definitely gave us a better life. 

And NOW me! From developing my baby, Just Simply Change LTD , A Mind-set Transformation Therapy practice, to running 2 other businesses (Roundabout Property Investors & Mop-up Cleaners Ltd) with JV partners, I was able to give up my job as a full time primary school teacher to successful change the lives of all the clients I whole hearted work with. With the power of technology, I transform people’s lives, globally. 

If you are an entrepreneur or own a small business and you seem to just be riding the wave and not peaking, check out my new product- The Mind-set Hurdle Compass (MHC). This is an amazing platform to shine the spotlight within and eliminate limiting beliefs that’s stealing your time, energy and success. 

I have been trialing the MHC for the last 2 years and now I have re-designed it bigger and better. 

It’ s a 5 month Toolkit with a combination of,,,

*1-1Transformation therapy 

*Online self-Study learning

*Group Coaching with so much added value 

This is what my Client Sarah said about the MHC after just 30 days.  


The Mind-set Hurdle Compass is a 5 month therapy and coaching programme and it includes:

1-1 Transformation Therapy:

  • A 30 min Discovery call- Intro & Business Profile Questionnaire
  • 1 Hr Get-Set session
  • A 2 x 2 hr, Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT) using Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic & Programming (NLP) -Face to Face or Zoom Video Call
  • 2 x Rewiring Transformation Audio to embed the new thought patterns and actions
  • Weekly support via email/ WhatsApp voice notes/messages for 5 months
  • 3 x 30 mins Accountability Check-in sessions
  • A 30- minute session to Reflect and feedback, at the end of the 5 months
  • All check in and feedback sessions are through Zoom

Online Self Learning:

The ability to learn at your own pace with all the necessary resources is key.

10 lessons with videos, pro-formas, questionnaires and worksheets on:

  • Vision, Values and your mission. Starting your vision and achievement success boards
  • How to build organic traffic to your business through the right marketing.
  • Branding, social media explosions and how to change an enquiry into a paying client.
  • Tools and techniques to remove mind-set hurdles, rewire and reconnect your mind for high productivity whilst transforming your spirit as a successful, thriving entrepreneur.
  • Tips on how to bring about balance, heart and social coherence because the frequency you resonate at, makes your vision and reality.
  • Bonus Videos from experts

Group Coaching:

We tap into each other’s electromagnetic fields. So group coaching uplifts the energy levels and support so that we can find success together in Collective consciousness.

  • A 60 min, zoom group coaching sessions, every two weeks will highlight learnings from the online platform. Teachings in Business, Marketing and mind-set. We will also share triumphs and find solutions to hurdles via a Q & A at the end of each session.
  • A Private Facebook group where we rise and shine together. It will be a platform to network and grow together


To see if this could be your magic wand to change your business around by changing your Mind-set, email nirasha@justsimplychange.co.uk. to see if this programme is suited to you and your business. I only have 3 cohorts a year (November, March, July), with small groups of between 6 to 8 entrepreneurs. You have to be 100% committed to the process of therapy and coaching to Start-up or Scale up your business.

“Skillset is one thing but Mind-set is everything.” – Nirasha Ramlugan

Client Love

Results I have helped create

Here's what my clients say about me...
Lack of confidence and systems for Scaling-up his business
“Having my own business wasn't always easy. I have been in property for many years. However, to be honest, I used to always feel very anxious speaking to landlords and other clients. I booked myself on Nirasha’s business therapy and coaching and after the first session I felt much calmer and more at ease with who I am and where I want my business to go. In the 1st session we went down to the root causes of why I felt this way. It went way back into my childhood. My childhood wasn't the easiest and my parents were not very loving towards me. When I was at school, I used to get bullied. I wasn’t the smartest person at school and I was quite small for my age. That is why I began to lack of confidence in myself and I grew up all my life, with this. I suffered with being visible in my business and I used to always want to be like other people. Although I was making money, I didn't really understand how I was spending it. I was making the wrong decisions and making bad investment decisions. Nirasha worked on my mind-set and using her experience as a property investor too, she also gave me some actions and suggestions to scale-up my business- proper procedures and systems. This has given me the confidence to develop my business. It's been 4 months since I saw her and I am already seeing great profit. I cannot believe how powerful the audio she has given me is, and I still continue to listen to it at least once or twice a week. The audio gives me the confidence and the power to believe in myself and I love it. I will definitely recommend speaking to Nirasha and seeing how she could help you to develop yourself and your business.”
-Jamie R. (Scotland)
Struggling with Motivation and Self-belief
“Before I worked with Nirasha I was struggling with motivation and self-belief. I changed careers in my late thirties once having a child and my confidence was knocked. Working with Nirasha was scary at first., I’ve never fully understood mind-set and hypnosis. I was worried that I would lose all control (one of my issues) and what I discovered would haunt me. She was very patient with me and made me feel relaxed and at ease instantly. Since working with Nirasha I have noticed a change in mind-set, I can now take a step back and think rationally before reacting and sleeping better than I have in a while. My business is growing and I believe in myself and what I do. My confidence and self- belief has shot through the roof!
Kam Chauhan (UK) (Social Media Manager)
Lack of Focus and Direction:
My mind sometimes felt like a headless chicken. I had too many ideas and just lacked focus and direction. I became a Jack of all but master of none. I knew my knowledge and I had a skill of knowing where to source the best deals but I just couldn’t build my business. I worried about what others would think of my ideas. I hated social media. Nirasha pointed out that I suffered with visibility fears and I had money blocks because of the upbringing I had. My parents taught me that I had to work really hard to make money and not to be boastful and celebrate when things when right. She did an audit of my business mind-set, put in specific targets in place and then removed this belief in my head that was stopping me from being successful. It is weird that when you are in a positive place, then positive things happen. Thank you Nirasha for using the MHC to organise my business and my mind.’
Keith, A property investor (SA) feedback after the 90 days
Negative and self-defeating thinking:
“Nirasha, you are just amazing. As a business coach, I always felt like something was lacking in my life. Never felt complete. She helped me to identify and explain the origins of my deeply embedded patterns of negative and self-defeating thinking. The process resulted in me feeling much better at my work and home life. It has given me valuable techniques to tackle self-defeating thinking and promoting positivity. One of these includes subscribing to the motto of ‘Just do it’. I found the patient and proactive in understanding the underlying issues. Whether you are considering counselling or therapy, contact Nirasha by doing a discovery call with her.”- Andrea M. (South Africa)
Andrea, a Business Coach
Business Start-Up & direction:
“I qualified as a therapist last year but I didn’t know where to start when it came to setting up a practice and having paying clients. I contacted Nirasha because I could see that she had over 13 years of experience in the same field. She was so approachable and helpful. She knew exactly how to help me with my mind-set so that I can put myself out there by believing in what I do. I completed the 90-day programme. She helped me draw up a plan of action, starting with my business plan. We set smart goals together and she showed me how to start my own Vision and achievement board. This was the best thing I did. I started to see things changing after the first session. She also helped me to set up the various social media channels and started the process of developing business cash flow. She was quite firm with me because I was the biggest procrastinator. I realised that I did this because of the fear of being rejected and the fear of failure. It was easier to stay in a comfort zone than be visible to the world, knowing that I would be judged. Besides working on my mind-set, she also advised me with some marketing tools to promote myself. I will definitely recommend doing the free 20 min discovery call. It is 4 months since my therapy and coaching programme and I have already had paying clients every week and I can see my business developing each day.
Jackie, a Psychotherapist from Italy…


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