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Corporate Therapy & Coaching

For Leadership and Staff Well-Being

Sir Richard Branson states that the most important asset of any company is its STAFF. Most leaders believe that the clients or customers determines the success of a company. Yes, they do …but I think that if you take care of your staff and employees, then they will work hard to make your company successful.

Most often leaders struggle to lead, because they are carrying their personal emotional baggage. Reality is the mind cannot compartmentalise when to feel emotions and this unconsciously would affect you as a leader. The most empowering feeling is being able to lead from a place of inner happiness and peace.

 Leaders and Managers have a vital role to play. They need to be the best role models of work life balance, high energy productivity, introspection and empathy, positive mind-sets, excellent communication and leading by example.

So Leaders…answer these questions honestly:

  • Is your staff happy or unhappy? List the possible reasons.
  • Is there a high absenteeism rate?
  • Are they getting ill often and find it hard being productive?
  • Are you adding to much stress because of poor management and leadership skills?
  • Do you find an eerie feeling and ethos lingering in your office?
  • Do you hear banter and laughter amongst your colleagues or are they scared to be themselves in the work environment?
  • Is there a declining or erratic trend with productivity and profits? 
  • Is there a high turnover and mobility rate of staff?
  • Do you give your staff first options for promotions? If your answer is NO, why not?
  • Do you have the good CPD programmes in place for skillset and mind-set?

If your answers are raising other questions or you can see a pattern of productivity and your leadership, then as a Leader you need to act NOW.  As leaders in large companies, you should never sacrifice your training budget. Investing in your team always propagates success.

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