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Emotional Freedom techniques developed by Gary Craig is also known as tapping. We can awaken our Meriden subtle energy points in our body so that we can get rid of string emotional and mental feelings knotted in our minds and body. By tapping the mind is distracted from the emotional issues and you can measure how desensitised you end up becoming to the mental and emotional feeling and behaviour. It can help to reduce the feelings of stress, anxiety, PTSD etc.

Talking with a professional helps alleviate emotional distress for good.

I believe that EVERYONE seeks happiness but what prevents them from achieving it?

  • Limiting beliefs sparked from childhood
  • The belief of NOT being good enough.
  • Wanting something such as love, money, relationships that are unavailable to them
  • Being different and lacking the ability to see their uniqueness

So, whatever the barrier is, it can be eliminated with understanding and the right tools…permanently.


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