Death: The Final Edge

It’s been an extremely difficult few years in my family because the dark, forbidden shadow was caste on loved ones, who left us behind. So I have had my fair share of grieving and bereavement. I had to use my knowledge and expertise to re-programme my mind so that I could feel happy again. Yes, I’ve learnt how to live again, with that extreme void; I’ve learnt how to cry but smile at the same time thinking of all the great memories we shared with the family that are no longer with us. Besides healing myself, I had to find ways, as a therapist, to help my patients through the hardest times in their lives, that is when death invites itself into their lives.

So how do we take it one step at a time? How do we learn to live without ever seeing our loved ones ever again in this life time? Some can do it, while others spend their lives damaged by the aftermath of death. I look around, and there are so many families, who have been affected by the death of their soulmates/spouses/partners or the loss of their parents, or the loss of a child, or a loss of a sibling or a loss of extended family members. Each loss tugs at the heart string and the feeling of an aching heart treads deep within their soul.

When you google or surf the internet in search of coping mechanism, you will find hundreds of website explaining and describing the various stages a grieving person. I have designed my own grieving and healing programme, which has, without a doubt, helped me as a victim but also helped many of my patients. I will be doing a series of blogs on Death: The Final Edge. Hopefully the tips and tools I share can help you heal your broken heart so that you can be the best you can, in your Life’s Journey.

There are 5 stages of grieving the DEATH of a loved one. They are:

D– Denial

E- Enrage

A-Acknowledgement & Adjustment



Each blog will deal with each stage. I will be describing the emotional baggage at each stage and share vital tools to help you through this trying time. Even if you have experienced death many years ago but still feel weak inside of you when you think about your loved one, who you have lost, then you will understand that you are still grieving. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or you might think a 1-1 chat might help you free this heaviness that have been gnawing at you. You deserve to make your loved ones proud of you but setting their souls free. Only then can you find your smile for them again.

Be strong….there is a way to heal.

Lots of hugs