Being Mindful

I was teaching some 9 year olds a few relaxation techniques today. It was just amazing to see how a classroom full of excited, noisy, bubbly and effervescent children, react to a calm voice. As I told them to take a deep breath in and feel their lungs and abdomen expand with air, they gently closed their eyes. The melancholy music in the background complimented the tone of my voice whilst sparking a feeling of comfortable relaxation in them.

My narration of  walking along the beach with the warm sun hitting against their skin, as the seagulls dived in and out of the deep blue sea, became the focal point. Their unconscious minds conjured up images from past experiences. The meditation and creative visualisation started to take effect by relaxing and calming each and every one of them. Smiles spread across their faces and their bodies became limp with peacefulness. Just joy, watching how their physiology and behaviour changed in just a few minutes. Before directing them to open their eyes coming back to their reality, I  reminded them with subtlety,  how special each and every one of them are and loving themselves is the greatest gift.

Finally, I asked them to slowly come back to the classroom by opening their relaxed eyelids. At that moment, I had a wave of beaming faces smiling at me, sitting contently waiting patiently for the lesson to start.

In five minutes, the children were able to concentrate, contemplate and meditate, bringing about sensations of love, relaxation and calmness. This process of silent sitting and visualisation also stimulated the grey matter in the brain, allowing it to increase its focus and their personal inward journey .

If you haven’t done meditation or mindfulness before, have a go at it. Include it as your New Year challenge. Start with just 2 minutes a day, concentrating on your breath. You will discover an amazing inner world….a beautiful, unaffected spark….your soul, your true YOU!

Keep Smiling…U make UR happiness!