Cutting ties….

Yesterday, a new patient walked into my therapy room, sat across me and poured her heart out. After years and years of allowing others to control her….she was close to breaking point. This control was not just physical but mental attachments. She felt weighed down and her life felt like it stood still. I instantly resonated with her and empathised with her pain. Many years ago, I had a deep rooted connection with my late dad, who passed away when I was only 19. I felt guilt mixed with  sadness and anger towards him, for leaving us at such a young age. It took many years of me living a life with an empty numbness in my heart.

Although I had amazing things happening around me like marrying my soulmate, starting my beautiful family and being surrounding by my loved ones, that string of attachment…an extremely strong one, edged this profound intense sadness inside me. I had to work really hard on myself for many years, to cut this emotional tie that anchored me to my late dad. The day I allowed myself to cut this tie, which felt like a thick rope tugging at my heart, was a time when I could stop grieving. Forgiveness and  acceptance came naturally thereafter.  Hypnosis was a fantastic tool that allowed me to free my dad’s soul, which was caged up in my heart within my rib cage.

But life is such that along your journey you grow other ties where some are more stronger than others. Living so far away from my family in South Africa, I often feel strong emotions of longing and these are other examples of emotional ties. Quite often, I think of my mum or my in laws, who are like my second parents…I feel for their hugs to comfort me. Again these feeling can be really painful and  just like creepers in a garden, it can take over that space momentarily. What helps me is visualising that emotional tie chaining my heart to theirs, and with a scissors cutting that chain. You see, in your mind’s eye, that chain falling to the ground, leaving you with an instant lightness in your mind and body. It’s a feeling that is releasing and allows you to breathe with ease again.

You realise that life  is a journey with its ups and downs…along the way new emotional ties appear. However freedom from the emotions, is the ability to cut these attachments where the feelings do not affect you in a negative way. You are able to keep physical attachments with people around you but not allow them to hold you back from your goals and your destiny.

So now it’s time to free yourself and soar high. You have the right to take back control and find your peace. You have this life… in this lifetime. Let it be your best because you’re worth it.

Keep smiling… Remember u make your happiness.

Ps. If you would like to cut  your emotional ties and achieve the freedom you deserve, contact me on 07737495666.