My story…..

Gesture made by south africa flag colored hands showing symbol of heart and love

It’s always a challenge to choose the right words for your first blog… Your first story. That’s exactly how I feel right now. I’ve written articles, short stories, academic dissertations, manuals etc etc etc…but writing about me and my story definitely needs more of my thoughts.

So let me start all the way in South Africa… That’s where I was born- 1972, 12th February- a day after my mum, with a heavy and sad heart, said her final goodbyes to her mother. Imagine loosing your mum today and then giving birth to a baby girl the next day. Not sure whether this would be tears of sadness or joy. Definitely, a mixed bag of emotions.

However, my joy and  my journey began with the greatest blessings in my life, the most beautiful parents, Prem and Roshnee and immersed in the love of my two brothers (Navin & Nishan) and sister (Nirvana). My 29 years of growing up in a country, that we now call the rainbow nation, was sowed with the seeds of life’s lessons, which I’m truly grateful by being able to harvest the goodness along my journey. I was quite fortunate ( to my opinionated husband, it would be called ‘naive’) to be sheltered from the effects of apartheid by living in Chatsworth, Durban- a suburb synonymous with Indians. That’s were most of the Indians in Kwazulu, Natal were housed during the times of racial separations in South Africa.

But being a child living and being brought up in an environment where we all had the same colour skin, shared similar religious beliefs and values….there was no reason to question because we were happy in our own little world. Then I grew up and I have to leave the fish bowl and venture out. That’s when I realise,  oh my God, that things were so different and vast. When I left home at 22, to go to Johannesburg, to start my first job, ever… as a teacher, I felt terrified and scared but also excited and curious to start a new chapter.

There are so many things (learnings & lessons)  I picked up in Egoli ( City of Gold) that changed my life and the most life- changing one  was finding my soulmate, Anesh and having a new family….the Ramlugan’s, who lovingly welcomed me into their lives. This new relationship, both with Anesh and his gorgeous family, further enhanced my understanding and beliefs:

  • that  Love has no boundaries and it is infinite.
  • good family values and character (engrained in my heart by my parents) always triumphs.
  • that breaking caste barriers exposed me to my true love…and was the catalyst for our happiness
  • what an honour and blessing it is for Anesh and I, being the parents or  chosen guardians for Ashveer and Sahana in this lifetime- pure joy
  • of Sathya Sai Baba, my divine master, which complemented my spiritual values system as a hindu, which my parents instilled in my soul.

My Divine  Master changed my thinking, causing a paradigm shift when he said, ” There’s only one religion, the religion of love. There’s only one Language, the language of the heart…..”. This got me thinking about the language of my heart and I started to delve deeper into what my heart and head were saying so that I could be the best ‘me’.

I look forward to sharing my story  with you as a parent, as a teacher, as a therapist & life coach but most of all as a fellow human being wanting to make a difference to myself by aspiring to ‘ be the change, I want to see in the world’…( Gandhi).

Keep smiling… U make ur happiness!