Celebrating vs complaining

When I look around there’s a world, my world, that I have so much to be grateful for. A few nights ago was one of those special moments my heart was filled with gratitude and appreciation.   How clever is our brain to perceive personal experiences in our life and then change it into chemical hormones, produced in the part of our brain called the hippocampus. Thereafter, these chemicals become an emotion, feeling or sensation in our body (anchored in the heart, solar plexus and the mind) that stimulates a feeling such as endearment and gratefulness. This unity in our mind, body and soul is just incredible to comprehend. We rarely take the time to conceptualise the feelings that our mind conjures up.

It was the pearl anniversary of my sister and my brother in law a few nights ago. What better way to share in their happiness and show gratitude for their love they spread in our lives, by throwing a surprise party. Amongst the balloons, tinsels and candlelight, excitement and elation filled the hearts of our friends and family as the celebratory couple walked into their surprise reception. This moment was priceless. I pressed the pause button in my mind to appreciate their journey over the last 30 years, narrated by their first born. The rollercoaster of life’s trials and tribulations…with every experience being the stepping stone to something greater.

When life throws us a curve ball, what is our first reaction? The natural response of many is to complain or get angry or go on a fault finding mission or just runaway from the problem at hand. A very small community of people actually look at the brighter side of life when situations are dull and dismal. They are the role models for attracting positive energies in their lives and the insipidness is temporary.

The new year is on our doorstep. 2016, a new start to wipe the slate clean, a new chance to choose to do things differently. A new time to undergo metamorphose so that we can be happy with who we are. So the question for 2016 is….Are we going to CELEBRATE our life or COMPLAIN about it?

  1. Take time to think about this question.
  2. Make a personal pledge to yourself to celebrate your life.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me!

Keep smiling….remember U make Ur happiness!