It’s the holidays: Is it stress-full or stress-free?


‘Tis the season to be jolly… It’s great listening to Christmas songs echoing through ¬†shopping mall, radio stations and loving homes. No one wants to miss out on the holiday excitement. Everyone wants time to enjoy hot chocolates with marshmallows and appreciate the flickering glow from the lights that reflect from the baubles on the Christmas tree.

But how do you keep your calm in the middle of the festive ‘Storm’? I know that you are super excited about being the perfect host to friends and family, celebrating with you. However, you don’t need to be the super woman doing everything yourself. You can be in control but you don’t need to micro-manage everything.

-Trust your family and friends to share in the Responsibilities. Then your possibilities become endless.

-Plan your shopping lists and get the shopping done early. Don’t be a last minute shopper. MEN… Get your Xmas presents sorted early…. Most shopping mall have charity, wrapping facilities. Use them! You will definitely impress your loved ones with the professional

-Find quiet time for yourself. Watch a corny Xmas movie. It just makes you feel warm, loving and calm. You’ll be much more at ease to spread the Xmas love when you are a little more relaxed.

-Thinking too much about what needs to be done can be very exhausting. Put your thoughts on postiks instead of cramming them in your head so you can keep your mind stress free and focus on getting things completed.

-Smile!!! Find moments to smile or laugh because this produces natural happy hormones in the brain. Best way to raise the celebratory spirits.

Don’t forget to capture these moments by zooming into the beautiful little things that makes everything so special. Happy holidays!

I’m off to bake some gingerbread cookies.

Keep smiling! U make ur happiness…