Why do we ask others for their opinions?

Yesterday I was meeting up for lunch with some of my friends. The weather was amazing and I knew the vegan spring roll starters that I made, was delicious. I felt excited and confident until I came upstairs to change.

I decided to wear a pretty blue and white, tie & dye jumpsuit, which I treated myself to, a few weeks ago. If you know me, I am not one for layers of make-up. I keep it simply- just lipstick and eye liner. That’s something I love using. With a high pony-tail, which complemented my face… I felt great!

However, when I put on my new jumpsuit, I was so conscious of my belly. I stood in front of the mirror, turning around with different profiles, wishing my belly could disappear. Everything else faded away. The only thing that I could focus on was my belly. “Oh Gosh Sahana!!! I look 3 months pregnant.” I repeatedly said whilst pulling my tummy in. I tried to miraculously squeeze in my tummy whilst holding my breath. Yay it worked until I had to breath out again.

Usually it doesn’t bother me because I know that I do my best in keeping healthy- my daily meditation and Reiki healing treatments, walking/jogging, yoga, my self-hypnosis, breath healing, my natural vitamins, a morning dose of an Apple cider vinegar tonic, eating healthily and I also spend quality time keeping my mind beautiful.

My clever daughter, threw back at me, what I always tell her, “Mummy do you think your friends are going to focus on your tummy. Do you think they’d be bothered about your tummy? Come on mummy, be comfortable in your own skin!”

OMG!!! At that moment it was great to hear her tell me that. At that moment, the therapist was truly getting a dose of her own advice back.

Why do we ask others for validation? Why are we so hard on ourselves at times?

That monkey mind, which is set on default to create mischief, reminds us that we are humans. Humans who can very easily slip into victim mode. Very often we end up forgetting that we are divine beings living a human experience. So we need to be more forgiving to ourselves.

When my clients lack…

  • Self-worth
  • Self-love
  • Self-compassion
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-realisation

I give them practical tools to dump that negative thought patterns and connect with the healing light within.

When they are stressed, anxious, physically ill, scared, hurt, abused, stuck, negative, lack direction, lack creativity, pessimistic, traumatised, broken etc. We go to the root cause of where, when and how did they embed these kinds of limiting beliefs and monkey chatter. I love what I do. I am a total believer in natural healing.

It’s empowering and uplifting when they realise their true potential after healing. They realise that they are the architects of their own destiny. It’s freedom.

After Sahana gave me that pep talk which I occasionally give her, I strutted out feeling great.

PS. The vegan duck spring rolls and that sublime Asian salad I made, was a big hit.