Eliminate STRESS to be your BEST

If there is one piece of advice I could share, it would be to put your health first above anything else. As I was growing up, every morning- at 6am promptly- I would hear from my bedroom, my dad leaving home, lovingly saying goodbye to my mum with a kiss followed by the words, ‘love you’ as he pulled the front door behind him.

As a driver, he worked long, stressful days returning home exhausted from the day’s delivery across Durban in South Africa. For those that lived in Durban, you would know that peak hour traffic at sunrise and sunset was horrendous. With the blazing, African sun hitting you straight in the face, tiredness enveloped every muscle in the body. My dad, at the age of 30, was a ticking time bomb, for stressed induced illnesses to explode within.

I never realized it then, my dad’s death at the age of 50, was a result of working extremely hard in making- ends- meet to lovingly give us a happy childhood. He never put himself first. He never considered what a stressful job, unhealthy eating, smoking daily and having a sweet tooth would do to his body. Did he have quality of life for the last 20 years of his life? The answer is clear to me now as a definite NO!

Each time I work with my clients (both men and women), I make links to my dad’s ill –health. Most of my clients work in very affluent careers and jobs. The physical illnesses in their bodies is seeded from high levels of stress, anxiety or depression. The same was visible in my dad. From high blood pressure caused from anxious feelings, to diabetes brought upon by high sugar diets, heart problems stemming from fast foods and breathing struggles beginning from every cigarette smoked, stress was the underlying, silent killer.

Does it have to be another generation going through the same anguish? Absolutely NOT! Many years ago, I used Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) myself. It was the most rapid and beneficial work I’ve ever invested in myself. Removing the limiting beliefs of unconscious stress levels, was the key in putting ME first. I healed and my healing is now transforming the lives of the people I work with. Using my RTT expertise, I help my clients remove the stress and anxiety triggers in their lives that has impacted on their health and wellbeing.

Unlike my dad, they have a chance of using the tools, I teach them to eliminate unhealthy stress so that over eating, chain smoking and an inactive lifestyle doesn’t shorten their lives, sadly affecting their families. As their well –being improves, quality of life and productivity increases. Thereafter success becomes limitless.

My biggest loss in my life, at the age of 19, was my dad. And that loss is my motivator to constantly ensure that I help my clients reach their highest potential through eliminating unhealthy stress in their lives. You can do that too!

Much Love

Nirasha Ramlugan


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