Just breathe


Allow your breath to anchor your present. Be mindful of each breathe and release the past…

With each breath we inhale, we fill our cells with beautiful oxygen. With each exhalation, we have the power to release toxins that flow through our blood stream, making us ill. With every thought, the mind releases chemeicals into the body. When we are consumed by negativity, anxiety, stress and emotional tension, then our body has a flood of cortisol. Too muchof cortisol in the blood stream is toxic. Therefore we need to breath in deeply and exhale so that these toxins are released from the body.

When a person feels tight-chested or finds it difficult taking full breaths, they must visit their GP. If you feel it could have beenĀ  the onset of anxiety or anxious feelings then breath healing is really beneficial. We need to start breathing properly. Deep belly breathing and slow exhalations with allow maximum absorption of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide from the body. There are many yogic breath healing techniques that can help you train your muscles and lungs to breath properly.

Life can definitely be overwhelming at times. When you feel that…

  • work is becoming too much
  • or your kids are taking over your life
  • or your relationship with your partner is strained
  • or you are being bullied
  • or you are experiencing a downward spiral in your life


Hitting that pause button and knowing that you have your breath to calm you down or find that moment to reframe what is going on, is a blessing. It can safe you from crashing emotionally and mentally.

The next time life throws you a curve ball, or you seem to be overwhelmed by the manic of daily life, take a step back. Hit the PAUSE button and enjoy deep breathing. You will feel your body returning to normal. If you overlook these feelings in your body and mind, then the body can become tired, ill and it will fail to serve you.